Eqodry available as...

Pre Cut Foam – available in buns/blocks and slices

Mixed Crushed Foam – sold by weight

Semi Finished Cushions and Pillows – available in standard and custom-sized inserts

More comfort with 4 types of firmness

Eqodry® smart foam is available in four (4) types of hardness: soft, medium, firm and super firm. This is to ensure that the appropriate comfort factor can be selected depending on the varying application requirements, where the marine, hospitality, and outdoor furniture markets are the most prominent ones.


Good option for children-friendly furniture and areas


Good option to test market preference


Most popular quality, suiting wide variety of applications

Extra firm

For high-traffic areas where replacement is costly/ impractical

Reticulated Structure

Eqodry foam is thermally reticulated resulting in an open-cell structure that allows water to pass through. This results in zero water retention and fast drying times.

*Ultra-Fresh ® is a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates, Inc.

Antimicrobial Protection

Built-in during the manufacturing process, Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial protection inhibits that growth of mold, fungi and bacteria that may be otherwise impact the health and sanitation of cushioned surfaces and upholstered products.

Focus On Quality & Service

Anti-microbial protection

Fire retardant foam

Available in various qualities

5 year limited warranty